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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My Sporting Career

Much of my work is in the field of human performance. Much of that work is with sporting performance.

With sports I have worked for British Army sports teams (Judo - combined services, Army, and Sappers Teams; Kayak Team, Boxing Team, and generally with the Army School of Physical Training), both professional and amateur individual sports persons, other British Teams, football teams and such like.

When talking about potential work I am often asked about my own sporting experience - what have I actually achieved myself? This has happened twice this week, so I thought I'd make a blog post so I can refer people here in the future. This information forms just part of what qualifies me to work with others.

My competitive career since 1974 (4yrs) to the current day (45yrs):

(Not including competitive sports at school)

- Swimming
- Judo (I, B)
- Points kickboxing
- Light continuous kickboxing (I, B)
- Half marathon
- Mountain biking
- Shootfighting (I)
- Wushu Kwan (B)
- Full contact kickboxing (I, B, E, W)
- Marathon
- Low kick kickboxing (I,B)
- Sport Ju Jitsu (I, B, W)
- K-1 (I, UK)
- Karate
- Thai Boxing (I, W)
- MMA (I)
- Canicross
- Ultramarathon

The (I) stands for international competitor. (B) is for British Champion. (UK) is for United Kingdom Champion, (E) is for European Champion. (W) is for World Champion.

My career highlights are being a 13x World Champion at three of those Sports, and these are just the highlights.

I often wonder at what I would have achieved if I'd stuck with just one sport?! I've probably missed a couple off too...

A proportion of my sports records are listed on my Wiki page, they aren't totally accurate, and aren't complete, yet give a good enough indication:

So that's what I've done in my sporting career. When I work with clients in respect to sports performance, I don't just have my geeky academic side, I have a massive amount of personal experience as well.

This blog post therefore forms just part of what qualifies me to do my work.

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