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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Need to lose weight ASAP

I've just had a Facebook message asking me for help, looking for a gym, as they "need to lose weight ASAP"

Here is my response:

"Here's some free advice that most people pay for, so I'll keep it simple and brief.

Good move getting in shape. Don't think though that exercise (in isolation) is any good for weight loss. The systematic reviews and meta-analysis show that you won't actually lose weight long term just using exercise on its own. In particular, weight training is particularly useless at burning fat.

Oh, and just about everyone who diets, in fact around 95% of people who diet (according to the research into the research) end up fatter at the end of a year.

Shocking isn't it?


Exercise is the KEY component in the success stories. Weight training maintains and even increases muscle mass even when dieting keeping and increasing your health. Moving has massive health benefits - and the ONLY common component in successful long term weight maintenance is exercise.

So, exercise is key in weight loss - just not in isolation.

You need to look at your nutrition too. You need to 'undo' potential metabolic damage to your system.

- Cut out ALL processed food.
- Cut out grains and sugar.
- Don't cut out food groups but only eat low GI and low GL carbs.
- Cut out grains and any potential allergens
- Eat simple foods from whole food sources.
- Have animal protein with every meal.
- Eat only when hungry, stop when no longer hungry.
- Drink only when thirsty

This will help you not only set yourself up for fat burning rather than fat storing but will also help you adjust your 'set point' allowing you to lose weight and keep it off in accordance with your biology.

If you want to maximise fat burning during exercise then do your weights before your cardio - sets the maximal hormonal conditions for fat burning.

Oh, and train on an empty stomach too, to help mobilise the fat from your cells.

Hope this helps!"

I regularly go through the entire process of fat loss and exactly what is needed to be done in my workshops. There are so many myths in respect to the diet and weight loss industries - it is important to get people the right information. This blog just gives a tiny heads up on the masses of information I present to help people find the right approach for them as an individual.

Let me know what you think.