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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Slipping Back

Sometimes I see a hypnotherapy client and results appear really quickly. And then something happens in their life, usually some form of heavy emotion, and next thing the problem they have seen me about re-appears.

This is the person returning under pressure to what they are familiar with – it is not necessarily a reversion to the old issue. They look for comfort from their emotions and make a return to familiarity.

Now I know they’ve changed before, and therefore they can change again. When these clients call me to say that they’ve slipped back into their old patterns the first thing I tell them is to flick the switch back now, as they’ve changed before, they can change again. I tell them go and make the changes they’ve made before, and get right back where they want to be. A little slip up may be just that and not a return to the old patterns of thinking and behaving.

Some clients do this quite easily and make the change they want without needing my help. When I get the follow up message to say that everything’s going great again it puts a broad smile on my face.

You see, I don’t ever want to be the ‘crutch’ to solve client’s issues. I’m not taking ownership of the problem – they are. I don’t want a client to need to turn to me every time they have a problem. I don’t want to build reliance – I want to build choices and independence for them.

Some clients can’t make the change again. Normally these clients are the ones where there are deeper issues that need some work, and this just gives us some feedback and often gives me exactly the direction in which I need to work in.

So if you’ve had a problem in the past, and the problem re-appears, then just say goodbye to it once more. Make the choice and make the change yourself, it can be that easy. If you still can’t switch back, give me a call and book in – just give it a go yourself first.

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