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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Negative Thoughts Give Negative Results

I’ve already blogged how we cast spells in peoples minds during communication, that we cannot not influence someone when we speak to them. In that blog post (Casting a Spell) it is explained how we form an ‘internal representation’ of that communication, forming pictures, feelings, sounds, tastes and smells inside our minds. And that process is taking place not just during communication, but whatever we are thinking about.

What we are thinking about is what we move towards at an unconscious level. So if you are thinking about success you are likely to move towards it. And the same if you are thinking about failure – you are likely to move towards failing. In Judo there is a saying that ‘where the head goes the body will follow’ and whilst this is in respect to physical movement, the sentiment rings true with thoughts too.

A further analogy is that of riding a motorbike. When I was learning to ride I was told to always look where I wanted to go – because I would always unconsciously steer the bike to where I was looking! And never is that more true than in life. Look where you want to go in life.

As you are thinking you are creating internal representations based on the five senses, including self talk. And at an unconscious level you are moving towards making that thought happen. So if your thoughts are filled with negativity then you will move your body towards a negative result. What you look for is what you move towards.

Don’t think of Brad Pitt wearing a pink tutu.

As you read that, even though I told you explicitly to not think of it, you had to form an image of Brad Pitt wearing a pink tutu in order to not think of it.

Taking this further lets have a look at the fight sports, and this could be boxing, kickboxing, or any other contact fight sport. I hear corner’s shouting time and time again ‘don’t drop your guard!’ to their fighter. So in order to not think of dropping their guard, the fighter has to think of dropping their guard. So as they are thinking it they move towards it, often dropping their guards straight away. Of course, fighters in competition are often highly focused, and are in a deep state of hypnosis as they perform. So their mind is even more suggestible and receptive to these instructions. It may be therefore much more appropriate to shout ‘guard UP!’ instead for greater effect. This is a clear instruction, a clear thought, a clear unconscious movement – and a guard being kept where it should be.

Let’s run through a couple more examples.

In golf you may have a long drive, with a lake as an obstacle. You may be thinking ‘mustn’t go in the lake’ and in doing so you are setting yourself up to unconsciously play the shot to where you are thinking. Is it not much more appropriate to be thinking of exactly where you do want the ball to go, rather than where you don’t?

In business you could have an important meeting coming up, and much could depend on the results. You could put yourself under pressure and start thinking ‘what if I fail’ and other such negative thoughts. This will affect your physiology, and you will start to project this image to others. You will start to dwell on the negative aspects, and as you do so you will unconsciously move towards them. Is it not better to think of the actual result you want to achieve?

In relationships you may have had a bad experience in the past with someone who treated you badly. You start to think constantly that you don’t want to be treated badly again, yet all you seem to do is attract people who then treat you badly? Could this be because as you are thinking of what you don’t want, this is what you are unconsciously moving towards?

I’m definitely not saying lets live in euphoria of nothing but positive thoughts – I’ll leave that to the New Agers! This blog post is just to get you thinking a little, and hopefully help you to move towards what you want – rather than moving towards what you don’t want.

So is it a case of ‘don’t drop your guard’, or are you going to keep your ‘guard up’?

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