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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ideomotor Responses - Hypnosis and Sport

This is a post aimed for other hypnotists; yet, it will also be interesting for anyone interested in improving physical performance.
Whilst reviewing my knowledge on ‘imagery and sport’ (I regularly review my knowledge, it keeps it fresh and updated) I have come across what physiology texts term the earliest scientific support of the use of imagery to create ideomotor responses.

Edmund Jacobson
American Journal of Physiology Published 1 January 1931 Vol. 96 no. 115-121

In this study he reports that the imagined movement of bending the arm created small muscular contractions in the flexor muscles of the arm. In other words, if you imagine a movement, the motor cortex responds, and you will start to get an initial movement – you start to get an ideomotor response.

Please note that we also know that the motor cortex will inhibit the final movement. In this way, when you imagine hitting someone, you don’t actually do so – you may twitch, but you won’t actually punch that person!

Hypnotists can ponder on this a little. If you want to create any physical phenomena, get your subject to imagine the movement, and the response will start. Then you can use the feedback loop this creates to manifest the physical phenomena fully. Remember everything happens nonconsciously first – you can use that – just guide their imagination how you see fit.

This makes it easy to create IMRs and any physical phenomena. For those of you who weren’t aware of this, I hope this helps expand your abilities. I work with the artful application of science. Here I have given the heads up on a tiny bit of the science, now you can wonder how to apply it artfully…

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