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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wearing clothing for calorific burn? Some questions for Zaggora...

Most of my regular readers will know that I question things, especially marketing. I get asked to research products and marketing claims for clients quite often. Recently I was asked about Zaggora and whether it actually works or not.

I had my views, and therefore I wanted to check. I emailed the company asking for copies of the science studies. They said that I couldn’t have a copy as they were still in the process of finding publication. I asked further questions, expecting to be fielded away or diverted, or just ignored. Instead they referred me to their research and development team. I gave them a call. 

We discussed the studies at depth. Nicely blinded studies, well controlled, appearing to have correct methodology and measurement structures. I also felt a bit sorry for the test subjects who had ‘rectal probes’ as part of the temperature measurement – however that and the temperature ‘pill’ they used are the right ways of measuring body temperature.

The results were discussed, as were the conclusions. The conclusions appeared to have no bias and reflected the results. I was becoming impressed. It appears that the marketing claims on the website accurately match the findings. Actually – correction – they don’t reflect accurately, as I will explain, yet this is with credit to Zaggora!.
I discussed that the products will be increasing skin temperature, muscle temperature, and rate of sweat loss including electrolytes and such like. Increased heat and fluid loss are shown in research to lower physical output. Increased heat is deleterious to muscle output, the cardiovascular system can become compromised, and the central nervous system and motor centres can become adversely affected by reducing the recruitment and activation of fibres. This is where it gets interesting.

Our R&D person didn’t do what I expected. She didn’t divert or try to explain differently. She agreed with what I was saying, yet stated she could only quote from the actual studies Zaggora had carried out, and that over a period of 30minutes the positive results spoke for themselves. I started to get more technical and question further. Answers came without hesitation. This girl knew her stuff. 

Then I started to become really impressed. We discussed further trials and what the results might show. Zaggora is commissioning further trials at the moment. The questions I raised will be answered. This really impressed me. 

In conclusion, with the information that is available at the moment it is clear that Zaggora’s products DO work to provide an increase in calorific burn during exercise of a time of 30minutes. The results are greatest for those who are less fit, results reducing the fitter that a person is though still having a statistically significant effect. In my mind I doubt that there will be benefit for those who are top athletes or exercising for an hour or more, as the increase in heat will be moderated by the body cutting back on performance. 

However, for the average gym goer or exerciser, I do think that the product will be of benefit in respect to calorific burn. Besides, I do think that they look good for gym kit too! But I’m a man – what would I know? You ladies are a better judge on that!

Oh! Before I go, remember that I said that their marketing wasn’t accurate? It isn’t. And here’s why. Here is part of my email to Zaggora:
I note that the marketing in that section says “may help to increase both body temperature generation and the rate of calorie burn.” This inversely means that it also may ‘not’. Therefore it is clear that the product may NOT do as it is marketed. Therefore the question is asked as to whether your product has a direct causation.
The same is true with the word “can” before “increase calorie burn.” The question is asked as to when it ‘can’, and when it ‘can-not’.”
I put this to our R&D lady who explained this quite clearly. The studies show positive results yet Zaggora haven’t tested every individual and every variable. Therefore the marketing claims must have this element of ambiguity to be fair and honest under marketing legislation. Awesome.
I have been very, very impressed with Zaggora. The R&D lady had my details in front of her in advance of my call. She spoke with knowledge, in detail, from memory without hesitation. Polite, helpful and friendly whilst being to the point.
This is in such a contrast to many other products I have researched for clients. Usually I get diverted, stonewalled, even insulted sometimes for asking the questions! Yet, when it comes to Zaggora, they quite simply rocked.
Bearing in mind my comments as to performance above, please take a look at their website as linked at the start of this piece. It is a nice way of rewarding Zaggora for being a company who answers questions in such a willing way. Thanks Zaggora.  

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