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Friday, 14 December 2012

What Happens In a Hypnotherapy Session – A Client’s Perspective?

Following on from my last blog post, where I described what happens during a client hypnotherapy (clinical hypnosis), I also think it nice to let you know what it is like from a client’s perspective.

Here’s David’s story for you:

“I was a little reticent about the idea of being 'hypnotised' to begin with but once I arrived at Gary's house he immediately made me feel welcome, made me a drink and spent a few moments making sure I was comfortable with the dogs and the surroundings I was in. Sounds obvious but I guess these are all things that if not done right can lengthen the process of relaxation and hence the productivity of the session.

The session itself was driven with a fantastically direct "what are we here to talk about" question and I blurted out the things in mind, having gone through divorce, a really stressful time at work having as a result putting a substantial amount of weight on, it was fairly easy to pinpoint.

As Gary has explained on his blogs, he then set about using various techniques to 'head hack' my brain and deal with the emotional attachments I had with various memories, 'de-emotionalising' them and then moving on to re-enforcing the positives on the changes I was about to undertake. I must admit the first session was really full-on and not what I was expecting, I suppose in my mind I had always expected to be in a deep trance like you see on TV under someone’s control. Instead I was in a relaxed state with an open mind welcoming the suggestions that were being put forward by Gary, dealing with the emotional issues and embracing the positives that were being suggested. The use of the eye movements along with the visualisation techniques were really powerful and helped underline the other work Gary is doing. I am quite an analytical person and watch what Gary does very carefully and its clear every word, phrase, suggestion and gesture is carefully planned in order to maximise the effect of the work he is doing.

At the end of the first session it felt like my brain had been re-booted, I was light headed, almost euphoric, but knackered. I followed this up with several more sessions covering other areas I wanted to improve on and I always found the sessions extremely helpful and informative; one of the best things about the way Gary puts his sessions together is how much you learn about yourself and how you are wired together. The implanting of his longer term strategies are what makes the difference after each session; when you reach certain situations (eating choices, training choices) etc., the strategies kick-in and you feel better equipped to deal with them... the best part is that the strategy is the planting of a seed, how well is grows from that is down to you and how you nurture it, but it is always there, be it the choice (and the implications) of choosing a certain piece of food or the decision to train or not and the feelings and emotions that then evokes. Powerful stuff!

The one thing I don't see mentioned as much as it should be is the reason Gary is so successful at hypnotherapy (life-hacking! :) is because he genuinely cares and wants to help you get your goal; this underpins everything he does and supercharges all the techniques he uses. One of the things you cover off is the 'voices in your head', the voices that influence your thoughts and decisions as you go through life, to over-simplify, the devil and angel sat on each shoulder for instance… for me, I now have an additional voice, a 'Gary' voice that helps me self-coach as I go along it reminds me of the longer term implications of decisions I make through life. I think of it as an extension of some of the strategies implanted that get stronger each time they are invoked. I remember something else Gary told me that was invaluable. "You can't kick an old habit, you can however make a new habit that is stronger and more powerful than the old, and that is what I have been doing.

Whatever your goals I would strongly recommend speaking to Gary for a one-to-one session, seeing all the successes from various fighters and the workshops he holds is no surprise at all and I learn loads from reading his blog posts, Facebook updates and so on, including the comments from his peers and friends. I wish him all the success bottling up Gary 'Smiler' Turner and selling it to people and companies alike.”

David Boast, Managing Director, Romulus Management Consultancy

I have to say thank you to David for writing the above, he didn’t have to be so kind! It is also worth noting that results are down to my clients – the more you commit to the sessions, involve yourself in the interventions, and diligently and deliberately carry out any post session work, the better and more far reaching the success.
Of course, the results are the most important thing when it comes to sessions – here’s how David has got on since ours!

“Since the sessions with Gary I have lost 5 stone in weight, changed my eating habits, taken up cycling in a big way and brought my life back on track and into sharp focus again. All things are possible again.”

David Boast, Managing Director, Romulus Management Consultancy

Looks like David has taken the work and let it snowball! Great work fella!

Remember, should you have any questions in respect to my hypnotherapy (clinical hypnosis), and my workshops/seminars/trainings for business and groups, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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  1. Great post, Gary! You hit the nail on the head when you wrote that results are ultimately down to your clients...the level of commitment a person makes to change is commensurate to the change they experience.