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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Insomnia Testimonial

It is important to get feedback on the work you do, and it really makes me happy when clients give a testimonial like this! Thanks Adam, and good work fella!

"I first met Gary Turner just over a year ago at a seminar he gave at Andy Roberts BJJ in Farnborough. I was impressed with Gary and his presentation style as his warm personality immediately make’s you feel at ease and as if you have known him for years.

For about 18 months before I arranged finally to see Gary Turner, I was in a bad place emotionally as I had broken up with my fiancée and had insomnia for the best part of the time afterwards. I literally felt like I was up at 2 in the morning each and everyday of my life. It was starting to affect me negatively at work and I was becoming more and more stressed out.

I decided to see Gary as I had a tremendous amount of respect for him as he is widely respected in the spheres he lives and works in. Basically I felt Gary had been there done that. The two hour hypnotherapy session was awesome a lot of time for me was talking through unresolved clutter in my head and Gary was basically the broom that swept it away. He resolved my sleep issues and made the self-defeating dialogue that I had running, go away.

It is now a month on and I am sleeping so much better than before, this has made me virtually stress free at work and my training is improving week by week.

I cannot thank Gary enough he has put me back on track and I feel so much happier with my life.

Thank you once again Gary.

Adam Collins"

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