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Thursday, 30 June 2011


I recently carried out much research into the studies of asthma, ranging from what it is, what causes it, through to what can be done about it. I found considerable evidence in the scientific research papers to say that there is a large psychological and psychosomatic element to asthma.

I believe I can work with anything psych (mind) or psychosomatic (mind-body) within my hypnotherapy. So this set me up nicely to have a little experimentation, to get some test clients in, to see just what can be done. As usual when I do experimental work, the sessions are free for my clients though they are treated with the professionalism, respect and attention I give all of my clients.

Interestingly, all but one of my clients developed asthma at some time in their childhood – they weren’t born with it, it was a condition which developed later in life. This suggests that there was a later trigger point, which could be psychological rather than innate (genetic). I work with that presupposition in mind.

I carried out a similar approach with all to form a baseline for my experimentation. These were not carried out under strict ‘scientific double blind study’ testing, although, as with every element of my work, I would love for someone to design and sponsor some proper testing!

With most clients I carried out a single two-hour session, and a couple had two two-hour sessions. I worked on the potential psychological origins of asthma, the potential of the mind to learn to not have asthma therefore guiding the body, and also to use the mind-body connection to reverse any asthma attacks that did happen.

Some of my clients haven’t had a single asthma attack since our session(s). Some have had attacks, though of a reduced number and reduced intensity. I am awaiting longer term feedback from two of my experimental clients – although interesting changes have been reported in the interim. Of note is that all of my test clients have reported positive results. This suggests strongly to me that a form of psychological intervention will help asthmatics on some level.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients, a lady in her thirties, following our first session:

“I have suffered with Asthma since the age of 16, during this time I have been hospitalised with various Asthma attacks. In April this year I booked a hypnotherapy session with Gary.

During my session with Gary he explored the reasons as to why I have Asthma; he created an Asthma attack and taught me how to control it.

I have gone from using my inhaler at least 3 times a day to only using it once or twice in two months, if I feel an Asthma attack coming I now have the tools to combat it without the use of Inhalers.

I have been absolutely amazed by the success of the Hypnotherapy session and can honestly say that I never thought that Hypnotherapy to combat my Asthma would have this level of success.

I would Highly recommend Gary, he achieves excellent results and from just one session!!!

Thank you Gary”

Now, I’m not saying I can help everyone or even anyone in just one session. The results that individuals get vary – one person’s asthma is unique to them, and every person’s psych is different. I am also not saying I can ‘cure’ asthma, and I definitely don’t diagnose anything. In fact I hate diagnoses full stop. I just work with what I am presented with, and if it is psych or psychosomatic I could be able to help. Should you consider that you have asthma or any other condition you shouldn’t throw away advice from licensed medical practitioners. Hypnotherapy works on a complimentary basis, and you should take care to consider all of your options, and also how to combine your options.

It is worth taking careful note too that the Royal Society for Medicine is calling for hypnosis to be made “a standard part of the NHS toolkit.” (RSM 6 June 2011)

I’ve found my experimental work very eye opening and have led to me asking many more questions than I’ve answered. The best thing though is that all of my test clients are reporting positive results from this experimental work. I’m currently in the process of carrying out experimental work with clients reporting crohn’s disease, and I hope they get similar results too...

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  1. i came across your blog by accident and was very intreaged i love the first story about max and his fear of water it is very well wrote i was phasinated to find out how you both over came it !!

    regards meg