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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Client Approach

I always check up on my hypnotherapy clients, and often get testimonials sent through. This one arrived this morning, and I thought it was really nice! It’s a nice perspective on how I like to work.

"I have been to a few therapists previously for a variety of issues and their approach was always to keep either me or my issues at arms length as if they were scratching the surface and providing me with a temporary fix to long term issues and they did have varying degrees of temporary success.

Gary's approach is totally different; it’s a lot more interactive. He encourages you to talk about your challenges and asks subtle but targeted questions enabling you to come up with the answer you didn’t even know you had. As opposed to being prescriptive and standoffish his approach is a lot more collaborative. The buzz word "empower" is very often over used but Gary empowered me to come to the right decisions and it has been a permanent fix.

I am aware my challenges will always be there in one form or another and Gary has given me the tools and empowered me with these skills to deal with these issues and if they do re-appear I am equipped to deal with them so they no longer impact my life."

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front, although this will be changing soon! My life has got very busy and there’s lots of exciting news coming, so that means lots of informative blog posts on their way!

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