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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

MMA Unlimited Magazine Articles

I was previously asked to write some articles for (what I considered) to be a really good online and hardcopy Mixed Martial Arts (commonly known, descriptively as ‘Cage Fighting’) MMA Unlimited.

Unfortunately the magazine folded, taking my articles with it. Fortunately I still retaining the Copywrite on the content, so I’ll put the series of articles up here.

My knowledge in these areas has moved on and whilst the spirit (and most of the content) is accurate, this is definately not the whole story, and was written in a style for an online magazine audience.

I originally was working on the articles as a writing exercise too, playing with writing styles, seeing what worked, seeing what didn’t. So maybe you can have a look at some of the language patterns I was using in them, and learn from ‘how’ I’m saying the ‘what’ that I am saying.

I hope you find them of benefit.

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