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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Personal Trainers

My personal training clients have to give a big thanks to my boxing coach, Steve Fox. Every, and yes, every time I step into my gym to give a personal training session his words are echoing in my ears:

“Remember Gary, it may be your last session of the day, but it’s your client’s first.”

This came from watching various corporate personal trainers in gyms around our area going through the motions. It was almost as though they were rolling out a standard product, in a bored manner, portraying poor physical appearance, slouching, and generally not looking up for the job. They just didn’t appear like they wanted to be there, let alone giving the right attention to their clients. One day Steve and I had finished our session, and were watching this lack of activity going on. And then he said that line. And it rang so true, I carry it with me for all my clients to benefit from.

Now, I also have witnessed and learned from some very good personal trainers in my area. But unfortunately they are few and far between, and I think their clients, and ultimately they, lose out.

Most of my clients are fighters, and I do an awful lot of padwork. Sometimes I have seven intensive padwork sessions in a row – I’m literally holding the pads for seven hours straight. It can be really fatiguing! Yet before every session, as I step into my gym, I hear Steve’s voice in my ears, and I lift myself into my role as trainer.

Sometimes it’s helped by a healthy dose of coffee to pick me up, but I always endeavour to give the best training I can. Because that’s what I’m being paid to do, and that’s what I take pride in.

So thanks Foxy, from me and my clients!

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